What to expect on your first visit

Proper diagnosis is the key to creating an effective course of action. Here's what to expect on your first visit.

At The Back Center we believe proper diagnosis is the key to creating an effective course of action, whether that is something that can be done at The Back Center alone or by partnering with other health care providers.

We pride ourselves on fully educating our patients, so they have a working knowledge of their own condition. Patients are empowered in our office so they can become active participants in their own care. We feel the more a patient understands how to have good self care for their particular condition, the more they can align themselves in their work and home environments with activities of daily living that can improve their health not just immediately, but for years to come.

1. An ortho/neuro exam and X-rays of the area are the best entry level tools to understanding what is occurring in a spine or extremities to cause pain.

2. A solid history of the body from the beginning to present is also an essential tool.

3. A report of findings and patient education.

4. A treatment plan and course of action.

5. A re-exam and re-evaluation.

At re-exam time, we evaluate the progress made. By this time we feel our patients have the knowledge in their body to make healthy decisions for themselves, knowing what kind of care they need to maintain their health. We offer our opinions and respect the opinions of our patients.

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